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2024 Kidding Schedule


Dorable x Quinn  Due: 3/1/24
Doelings retained
2 Bucklings - 1 available $450 

candy fair pic.jpg

Candy X Kingwood Due: 3/1/24

1st 2 doelings retained
Doelings $700
2 bucklings/1 doeling
1 buckling available $450

kingwood 1_edited.jpg
evelyn show.jpg

Evelyn X Quinn  Due: 3/1/24
Doelings ($350) and wethers will be available
2 doelings/1buckling
1 blue eyed doeling available

willow 4_edited.jpg

Willow X Carbonite  Due: 3/17/24
1st doeling retained
Doelings $600
2 doelings- 1 available

fiona show.JPG

Fiona X lots of boyfriends  Due: 4/5/24 Kids will be DNA'd
1st doeling retained


Karma X Boone  Due 6/7/24  Not confirmed
Doelings $350 and wethers available

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