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Our Journey

Where do I begin?  Goats were not in my future at all. I didn't grow up on a farm but was exposed to animals and farm life through my cousins and friends.  My husband is a full time farmer and raises beef cattle, hogs with his family as well as crops.  I loved sitting up at the farm and taking it all in.  Calving season was my favorite.  To be honest, I am not sure how goats came into my life.  Probably one of those things, I saw some goats, fell in love, and bought my first 3 wethers.  We were instantly in love and LR Acres became my passion.  My herd consists of registered NDs.


My children plan to show our goats in 4H and I will be doing Linear Appraisal with my herd. I will go on milk test in the near future:) 

I have met so many wonderful new friends and people along our goat journey.  I am blessed to be surrounded by knowledge and other goat lovers as well.  


Thank you for following along on our goat journey.

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