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Goats and New Homes

Thanks for your interest in a goat or kid from LR Acres. Take a glance at the kidding schedule or email LR acres what Does/Bucks are available for sale.  Please email LR Acres if would like to potentially purchase a goat kid and we will add you to the reservation list. If there is a specific breeding pair you are interested in we will put your name down and will contact you if a kid of your choice becomes available. Available kids will be offered to those who put down a deposit then those who have a specific breeding pair.  We will then go to those on our general kid list. We will go in order of those who contacted us first. 


We will notify you by email or your choice of communication as kids arrive (deposits first, specific breeding pair then general list.) Buyers will have 72 hours to decide if you'd like to proceed with the sale, before we move to the next person on the list.  Once you have decided to purchase a kid, you can send a $50 nonrefundable deposit (per kid). It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange for pick up of the kid/goat. If the buyer fails to progress in the purchase/transportation plans of an animal, we have the right to terminate the sale.


LR Acres will be raising the kids with dam and bottle.  I think it is important for the kids to be with their dams, but also want them to know how to take a bottle.   Kids will be ready for their new homes between 5-8 weeks depending if bottle or dam raised.   We want the kids eating well and the buyers to be ready to bring their new kid (s) home😊 All kids will be disbudded, tattooed, and have received initial vaccination for CD&T prior to pick up.  We will provide appropriate paperwork for you to register your kid.  Wethers (fixed males) are not registerable. Customers will be responsible for DNA on bucklings.

***LR Acres, the breeder, has the right to retain the first choice kid from any particular breeding.  We also have the right to refuse or terminate a sale, at any time/point.  Our animals at LR Acres have received quality care, feed, disease testing, and vaccinations.  Prices are not negotiable (see pricing below).  Our goats are disbudded by an experienced veterinarian.  However, we are not responsible for any scur growth (partial horn regrowth) as that is out of our control. Once the kids/goats leave our farm, the health of the animal is the new owner’s responsibility. 


Thank you for choosing LR Acres.  Please email with any questions.


Please send email to inquire about current goats for sale.

Does/Doelings $350-650

Bucklings $450

Wethers $100

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